Mortgage & property finance expert

Graeme Holm is Australia’s original Money Mentor, an international bestselling financial author and co-founder of the multi-award-winning Infinity Group Australia Finance. After a successful banking career with one of the major financial institutions spanning almost 10 years, Graeme quit the banking game and quickly set about educating people on how to beat the big banks at their own games.

With a reputation as unique trailblazers, Infinity Group is now one of the most highly recognized mortgage brokerage and financial coaching firms in Australia. Graeme and his team have shaken up the finance industry in recent years by sweeping all the major awards from under the noses of the major institutions, including Mortgage Broker of the Year 2019.

Graeme knows all the industry secrets and tips that the big banks don’t want anyone to know and this is why his clients are reducing debt and building asset wealth in never before seen timeframes. He now spends his days teaching everyone from first homeowners right through to large portfolio investors how to reduce debt and utilize equity to maximise financial reward and secure their future.